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Certified Business Coach® is the most popular coaching training program in Finland. Our first CBC® programme started 10 years ago and we have now educated more than 1000  Certified Business Coaches to the coaching industry in Finland and abroad. 


Certified Business Coach® training program provides you with excellent skills to work as a professional coach. Whether you want to become a fulltime external coach or internal coach in your company, or want to develop your skills as a leader, this coaching training program is the program you should choose.  

The specific nature of the CBC® program is based on emphasizing an appreciative coaching attitude and thinking style. It is the coach’s personality and skills that are the most important tools of coaching.

Take a look at our student’s experiences about this training program.

Certified Business Coach training program will give you:

–        All skills, knowledge, tools and especially a right mindset to work as a professional coach in business context / organizations

–        Coaching tools & models to support your coaching.

–        Enhanced communication skills

–        You learn how to be present and aware

–        Increased awareness of your own strengths and capabilities

–        Increased performance for you and those you deal with

–        Hands on Coaching experience throughout

–        Feedback of your coaching skills as you learn and progress

–        Greater knowledge of current thinking and practice in Coaching


This training program does not require previous knowledge of coaching or a specific profession.

Key Topics

Certified Business Coach® Training Program is the first part of Certified Business Coach Master® -Program approved by the ICF as an Accredited Coach Training Programme (ACTP). Participation and completion of the program will qualify you to become a member of the ICF subject to payment of their annual subscription. CBC® program consists of 60 contact hours with ICF accreditation, 20 hours of client coaching and 10 hours of peer coaching. There are five two-day sessions of contact teaching. The contact days will take place during a period of six months. Moreover, the program includes distant learning, group work, reading additional literature, personal practice and writing a learning diary.

Feedback from former participants:

”This is a very good program for those who want to develop their coaching skill and coaching culture in organizations.” – Sanna Tulokas

“I got good tips for developing myself as a team leader. I will start coaching in our company and start figuring out how to spread the coaching mindset based on learnings of this course” – Riitta Elo

“This course has given me a lot of new tools to improve my performance” – Tarja Ruotanen

”This course offered so much. It has opened my mind and widened my thinking, provided excellent tools etc”. – Satu Saari

“I recommend CBC-training to the people who want to join the lifetime journey of coaching and make a change in their own organisation” participant 2015

“The value of the Certified Business Coach program lies in the learning process and to a great extent also in the mutual interaction and contribution of each of the participants. It is genuinely bringing the realization of each strengths and opportunities, if you are heading for professional coaching and equally if you are in the HR position in the company and intend to work as an internal coach, or as a manager you are planning to manage the company in a coaching manner.” participant 2015

“During this program we got some good eye-opening tips and also great tools for daily use” participant 2015

“The program met my needs very well. I learned about myself and got many new tools and aha-moments” participant 2015

“During this course I have reflected a lot on my own behaviour, strengths and weaknesses during the program. Now I can adapt a more coaching altitude towards direct reports, colleagues and boss. Also towards my family” participant 2015

“After this program I can focus on my own attitude and bringing the coaching touch to the discussions at work” participant 2015



Julie Bell, Ilona Rauhala and Raija Salomaa

Dates & Venues

in Helsinki, 2019 (further information TBA)

Course dates

in Helsinki, 2019 (further information TBA)

Register here (CLOSED)




Register here (CLOSED) 

This training program is also provided in Finnish, please read more and check the dates and venues here.


4500 € + VAT 24%

You can pay CBC course fee also in instalments.  Ask for individual payment plan!

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hanna-kaisa.lindfors@bci.fi or by phone +358 50 4072210

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Course dates

in Helsinki, 2019 (further information TBA)

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Duration of the Course:

6 months

Attendance dates 10

Participation Fee:

4500 € + VAT 24 %

You can pay CBC course fee also in instalments. Ask for individual payment plan!

Please Note!

Registration is closing after the course is fully booked

This course is really popular. Please reserve your course early on.

Further Information

If you’d like to know more about this course, please feel free to contact us!

Our Training Manager Hanna-Kaisa Lindfors will assistant you immediately


or by phone +358 50 4072210

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