Introduction to Clean Language & Coaching with Caitlin Walker

When: 30.11.2015  9.00-16.30
Where: BCI Learning Garden, Mäkelänkatu 54 A, Helsinki
Trainer: Caitlin Walker (UK)

Coaches, managers, directors, consultants, teachers, parents..., would you like to  improve your ability to communicate well? Would you like to have a good, practical and clear introduction to Clean Language? Welcome this very interesting and enjoyable seminar and training day! 

This 1-day Introduction to Clean Language is designed to give you a ‘taster’ of what it’s possible to achieve with this powerful methodology, along with the basic skills you need to get started.


Workshop will cover:

– What is Clean Language? Why learn it?
– The basic Clean Language questions
– Demonstration of clean coaching
– How to move from Active Listening to Accurate Listening
– What assumptions you are making a split second after someone speaks
– How to keep your assumptions to yourself so you can work with clients’ actual experiences
– Simple, practical exercises you can use in a multitude of contexts
– What is a metaphor?
– Why focus on metaphors?
– How to spot the metaphors people use in every day language
– How to uncover the structure of someone’s thinking by developing the metaphors they naturally use to express themselves


What will you gain?

– The basic Clean Language questions and how to ask them for maximum effect
– Listening and questioning skills that will enhance your communications
– Ways to apply the principles of Clean Language in different contexts
– Simple tools for clarifying people’s desired outcomes and motivating people to take action
– Discover the structure beneath the metaphors we use to describe our everyday experiences
– Personal development as you practise with others in the group
– For the ICF credential-holders: 7 CCEUs in Resource Development


What is Clean Language?

Clean Language is a simple set of questions developed by counselling psychologist David Grove. These questions are used with a person’s own words to direct their attention to some aspect of their own experience. Asking these questions in the right context often results in an interesting new insight or the recognition of some new possibility. And if that new possibility is then questioned using Clean Language, the result can be quite profound. Clean questions invite people to consider their experience from different perspectives and they are often surprised by their own capacity to generate new, powerful and useful ideas about their own experience.



Caitlin Walker (UK) graduated in Linguistics at the School of Oriental and African Studies and did four years post graduate research in Strategies for Lexical access including fieldwork in Ghana. She has since developed her linguistic and non-verbal modelling skills from small scale group development to whole scale organisational culture change programmes addressing diversity, conflict, leadership, managing mergers and creating learning organizations. She is passionate about trusting in the wisdom of groups.


Workshop fee

350 € + VAT 24 %

BCI Alumni price: 280 € + VAT 24 %

Price includes training, training material, morning and afternoon coffee/tea with fruits and snacks. 


Watch Caitlin Walker’s TEDx talk – Clean Questions and Metaphor Models. 


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